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Utilising high resolution infrared cameras we serve the offshore drilling and production industries with qualified thermographers to perform surveys & condition monitoring reports. Thus assisting our clients with their predictive and preventative maintenance regimes & to conform with underwriters requirements. The thermographic surveys can assist in detecting temperature anomalies on various electrical, mechanical, rotating and ancillary equipment in the offshore industry. Being a non invasive form of NDT our offshore surveys can be undertaken while the respective equipment is operational.

Mobilise our offshore infrared thermographers to look for:

  • Non-invasively identifying loose bus-bar bolts and faulty SCR units as part of your rigs' annual PM requirement
  • Locate loose terminal block connections, failing fuses, load imbalances to reduce accidental shut down and fire risk through wire insulation ignition
  • Monitor bearing temperature at mud pump shafts during high pressure pumping
  • Determine loose or incorrectly tensioned mud pump motor brushes
  • Assess connections in mud pump and draw work terminal boxes
  • Monitor bulkhead temperatures during flaring operations
  • Check for rotor and stator windings in rig motors and associated cooling problems (a 10oC rise above motor ratings cuts a motors' life by half)
  • Search for hydrate formation in topside flow lines and implement corrective measures before ice-plug formation ceases flow
  • Immediately locate failing breakers and poor connections in accommodation, drill floor and below deck distribution boards
  • Safely test crane distribution boards during lifting operations
  • Determine equipment suffering from drive shaft misalignment problems
  • Assess tension and lubricant deficiencies in bearings and belt driven equipment
  • Monitor fin-fan efficiency and detect blockages to compressor radiators
  • Identifying passing valves in high pressure process piping and poorly torqued bolts at pipe flanges
  • Pin-point degraded insulation to process piping and ducting systems
  • Assess liquid levels in tanks and compare against site glass gauge levels
  • Determine volume loss in silos and tanks due to sediment deposition
  • Identify potential waxing problems and liquid levels due to differences in liquid densities
  • Locate corrosion, paint blistering, cracking, deposition and leakages in process systems
  • We retro fit thermal infrared 'viewport windows' for safe visual and thermographic surveys into MCCs, in order to eliminate arc-flash explosions on panel door opening.

Our exception based interim reports provide a rapid turnaround of information after each survey completion, a further two finalised reports are sent to your company headquarters within five working days on return to our Australian office.

 Before equipment starts to fail - think thermally, and get 'in step with infrared thermal imaging surveys'

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