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Our experienced marine thermal imaging surveyors follow the professional code of conduct as set out by the International Institute of Marine Surveying and are undertaken by qualified thermographers. We perform condition monitoring and pre-voyage & at sea infrared thermal imaging surveys in compliance with recommendations stated in the International Association of Classification Society (IACS) Maintenance & Inspection of Electrical Equipment on the Ship #57.5 and  #35. Plus the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) (SOLAS, Ch.II-2, reg.15.2.10) for fire protection in the merchant shipping & super yacht industries worldwide.

Our marine thermographic surveys will assist in detecting:

  • Corroded & loose electrical terminations to comply with MCA: Electrical Equipment and Installations Part
  • Overloaded wiring in plastic conduit plus cables running behind panels
  • Temperature anomalies in switch boards, sub-panels and their respective components. Even un-balanced loading
  • Power generation: possible faults due to abnormal temperatures
  • Failing rotor or stator motor windings, (did you know: a 10oC rise above motor ratings cuts a motors' life by half!)
  • Temperature anomalies and possible faults in various ancillary rotating equipment
  • Breakdown of pipe and vessel insulation
  • Detect missing and degraded lagging which should be protecting high temperature surfaces against accidental lubricant/fuel oil spillage as experienced on hot machinery surfaces, turbochargers, exhaust manifolds flanges and sensor cut-outs.
  • Locate blocked heat exchangers, cooling radiators to fuel and oil line blockages
  • Pipe thinning, internal scaling problems to process piping and perished rubber hosing
  • Energy loss from faulty steam trap systems
  • Overheating in: pump bearings, shaft misalignment, seal deterioration and belt driven equipment
  • Monitoring bulkhead temperatures and other high temperature flash point surfaces (surfaces over 220oC) in compliance to (SOLAS, Ch.II-2, reg.15.2.10) search for thermal bridging between engine bay and bulkheads


  • We also install safety sight glass/view-port inspection windows to MCCs. This assists in safely inspecting and detecting failing electrical equipment, thus by using an Infrared camera we are able to inspect components via the view ports without actually opening or removing switchboard and electrical panels. This greatly decreases the possibility of arc flash explosions when opening electrical panel doors.
  • Qualified Thermographers from GeoTherm AustAsia Pty Ltd will work together with the on-board and shore based personnel to provide a survey (condition monitoring report) applicable to the vessels requirements, be they generated by the vessels representatives or to comply with the requirements of the flag state or respective classification society.

GeoTherm  provides world wide professional thermal imaging surveys.


By detecting heat anomalies we assist our clients in decreasing downtime, increasing safety & thus operating their vessels in a cost effective manner.



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